About Us

Rachel and Sally met volunteering together with the Naples Cat Alliance and became fast friends. We volunteer because we are crazy and compassionate about cats! We’ve both had our corporate careers, but now choose to “do what we love”.

Rachel Meadows

Rachel, originally from Michigan, has been a volunteer with the Naples Cat Alliance and its predecessor, Friends of Gummi, since 2008. Rachel has been instrumental in ensuring the well-being of countless cats and kittens by volunteering every weekend at the PetSmart adoption center in Estero - caring for the kitties, enhancing their socialization skills and making sure each cat’s forever home is a perfect match. Her commitment is commendable, particularly considering she also has an Accounting career. Rachel’s fur family includes Lexi, a senior rescue dog, and two spoiled kitties, Hank and Tank. What does Sally say about Rachel? “She speaks cat!”

Sally LaFrenere

Sally has been an advocate for the well-being of animals as far back as she can remember. Before relocating to Estero from Chicago in 2003, Sally’s career was with the legal department of an international company, working in contracts and litigation. At that time, she also volunteered after work with Pet Rescue, Inc. in Bloomindale, IL. She has been a volunteer with the Naples Cat since 2014, helping out at both the shelter in Naples and the PetSmart adoption center in Estero. Sally lives with her husband, Jim, and her two cats, Squirt – a super special tortie – and Chili – quite the character and the model for our logo! When not taking care of cats, Sally likes to play tennis, see movies and root for the Chicago Blackhawks. What does Rachel say about Sally? “If I were a cat, I would want Sally baby sitting me!”

Why Crazy Cat Pet Sitters?


Our service is dedicated to cats. We are dedicated to cats.


We are mature professionals who have chosen to do what we love.


We have years of experience caring for cats, in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.


Our service is customized to your cat's unique personality - because we care.

Hands On

We do the work - we do not hire employees to do the work.


I want to sing the praises of Rachel and Crazy Cat. Every single time she comes to my house she gives me the best scratches. She starts between my ears and never misses my tummy. She has the perfect scratch technique and always gets my purr motor going. She even says I look like Peter Criss from KISS. She is nice to me and my humans trust her. Gotta go, nap time. Tigger (Scott) .

My brother, sister and I love when Aunt Sally comes to visit us....we always get wet food and lots of treats. She plays the flying bird with us too. Greta always kills it! Smokey just watches, but we all have fun. Aunt Sally takes good care of us! HANZIE (TOM & ALICE)

Meow, my name is Miki. Since I am a rescue, mom treats me like a Queen - the best food, toys, treats, bed, and, of course the best staff. Whenever she chooses to abandon me for a few days, Sally and Rachel step in. They know everything that I like. They feed me, play with me, cuddle when I’m in the mood, brush me, and, of course, keep EVERYTHING clean – just as I like it. Mom has known Sally and Rachel for a long time and totally trusts them with her most precious possession – me! Miki (Pat M.)

When my mom goes away, Catsitter Sally comes to the rescue. She takes care of my food, water and litter needs as well as stays with me to play and cuddle! I don’t feel as lonely when she stops by everyday while Mom’s away. Sally’s the best! YODA (PAT F.)

Hi, I'm Weldon! Rachel has taken care of me, my brother Leonard, and my sister Minnie since 2012. Our mom often travels and Rachel not only cares for us in terms of feeding and the cleaning of our litter box, but also play time and companionship. Our mom says it's a comfort to know that she can trust the care of us to Rachel without a worry or care of us in our home. We have come to know her as “Aunt Rachel” because we think of her as as one of the family! Weldon (Janice P.)

We LOVE Aunt Rachel! When our people parents go away, we don't mind at all 'cause Aunt Rachel knows exactly what we like, how to play with us & gives us the best grooming & attention. She's the best cat sitter EVER!" Beau & Jinx (Sharon H.)

I’m Buddy, a sensitive boy, I get sad when my homies aren’t home. And I don’t like thunderstorms. Sometimes I just hide under the bed all day. But I like Rachel and Sally, they understand me and even play with me when I’m not feeling so good. Buddy (Diane)

Cuteness is second nature to me, Lil Bit. I’m always in charge, I’m always the first to greet everyone at the door. I’m perfectly happy being the center of attention and Rachel and Sally know which toys I like best, and of course I always eat first! Lil Bit (Diane)